Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bubble Inferno

Bubble Inferno

A bubble's life goal is simply to survive, to outlast, and most of all, to never, ever pop. One special bubble needs your help. Guide this adorably spunky bubble through a landscape of epic dangers, a veritable war-zone filled with bloodthirsty gophers, fat dumb birds, and psychotic moles who defy both gravity, and all reason. Do you have what it takes to survive the INFERNO?

· Endless randomly generated rodent world.
· Simple one-touch controls.
· Epic music to stir the soul and inspire courage.
· Increasingly impossible obstacles culminating in an inferno, the likes of which have never been seen by a bubble.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Support: Circular Gravity Force


Version compatibility:
The project was built in 4.1.2, and works in 4.0.0 if you import from 4.1.2. Any lower versions and the demo Scenes will not import correctly because of metadata constraints. However the scripts work great with 3.5.0 and possibly lower.

Version 2.75 Released
-- Added big visual editor updates for the CircularGravity
-- Added CircularGravity Icons

Version 2.50 Released
-- Added 'Circular Gravity Force' tool under Tools->Circular Gravity Force.
-- Added 'Angle To Force' under Constraint Properties.
-- Added 'Angle To Force' to the CircularGravityVisualizer.
-- Updated properties so that they can be used to animate.
-- Updated all scripts to be in its own namespace.
-- Updated all scenes for the new changes.

Version 2.25 Released
-- Added Special Effects, allowing you to add Special Effects to objects effected by the Circular Gravity.
-- Added Time Effected to Special Effects, allowing you to set a time for the Special Effect.
-- Added Attached Game Object to Special Effects, allowing you to attach an effect in the form of a GameObject.
-- Added Physics Effect to Special Effects, allowing you to add a physics effect effected by the Circular Gravity.
-- Added CircularGravityGizmos class, allows you to see the CircularGravity in EditMode/Gizmos.
-- Added TimeScale class to CircularGravityVisualizer allows you to slow down time during a scene for fun.
-- Added Special Effects to the CircularGravityVisualizer.
-- Updated and changed Added Play Area scene to Performance Cube Test
-- Updated some shape performance issues.

Version 2.00 Released
-- Added Shapes to the properties, allowing you to pick between three different shapes sphere, capsule, or raycast.
-- Added ForcePoint, allows you to set where the force/gravity is in the shape area, rather than always being in the center. If not supplied, will default to center of the assigned GameObject.
-- Added ForcePoints, allows you to set multiple Force Points rather than just one.
-- Added CapsuleSize to the SizeProperties, only relevant when shape is a capsule.
-- Added to DrawGravityProperties now draws the appropriate shape sphere, capsule, or raycast.
-- Added to DrawGravityProperties now rotates with the assigned Gameobject.
-- Added Railgun scene.
-- Added Tractor Beam scene.
-- Added Invention scene.
-- Added Play Area scene to tutorials.
-- Updated CircularGravityVisualizer class to include v2.0 changes.
-- Updated all scenes to use the new v2.0 features.
-- Updated Maze scene to use the capsule shape.
-- Updated code for better performance.

Version 1.60 Released
-- Fixed Line Rendering material problem, sometimes hindering workable builds.
-- Added Material drawing the force area.
-- Added a new material look to the scenes.

Version 1.52 Released
-- Fixed a problem when dynamically creating CircularGracity object.

Version 1.51 Released
-- Added Draw Gravity Properties.

Version 1.50 Released
-- Added a big feature in 1.50 that allows you to shape the force to whatever form you want using triggers, giving you the ability to effect anything within or outside the trigger shape.
-- Added Vacuum Scene Demo Using Trigger.
-- Added Maze Scene Demo Using Triggers.
-- Added Tutorial Trigger scene.
-- Added MoveVacuum script.
-- CircualrGravityVisualizer now defaults start values based on what’s setup in the CircualrGravity correctly.
-- No Gravity now defaults based on what the Physics.Gravity is in the scene.
-- Fixed line rendering problem with Draw Gravity Force toggle.
-- Condensed LINQ code.

Version 1.20 Released
-- Properties have been cleaned up in the CircularGravity script, now better organized.
-- Added tag filtering options to the CircularGravity script.
-- Added property options for setting up slider min and max values within the CircularGravityVisualizer.
-- Added a tag filter scene tutorial.

Version 1.01 Released
-- Fixed input problem with up/down for Marble controls, you can now use the scrollwheel.

Please feel free to leave any questions/comments regarding the Circular Gravity Force asset below. I will be posting version updates to this page as time moves on.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sticky Stick Stuck v1 is Released

The Sticky Stick Stuck package allows you to easily drag and drop, or dynamically create, a customizable stickiness to a GameObject allowing you to stick/glue objects together.

Features include:
- Sticky Type, allowing you to pick different types of stickiness, and easily access the Sticky Type properties.
- Break Options, giving you the ability to break the stickiness.
- Max Stuck, allows you to set the max number of items stuck on a given object.
- Special Effects, easily add any kind of effect that is stuck to an object, for example a particle effect.
- Recursive Infection, allowing you to spread the Sticky Stick Stuck script throughout any object that it touches.
- Clean Up, if you have a complex sticky object, if disabled or destroyed, it cleans all related Sticky Stick Stuck data, and returns to a normal state.

Sticky Stick Stuck makes it incredibly easy to add a customizable stickiness to arrows, complex magnets, or even sticky explosives! The demos and tutorials below show just how easy and powerful this package can be.

Unity 3D Asset Store: Here

Check out the Demos: Here

Check out the Tutorials: Here

Blog Link

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sticky Stick Stuck Tutorials

Sticky Stick Stuck - Basic Tutorial

Sticky Stick Stuck - Advanced Tutorial

Sticky Stick Stuck Demos

Bow Stickman
Magnet Wrecking Ball

Support: Sticky Stick Stuck


02-13-14 1.01 Initial version Released
Please feel free to leave any questions/comments regarding the Sticky Stick Stuck asset below. I will be posting version updates to this page as time moves on.